Causes and symptoms of hypertension

Hypertension, better known as high blood pressure is when the blood pressure in the body increases to an unhealthy level which might have a negative impact on your body. The Majority of people these days suffer from high blood pressure. In this article we have given brief information about the causes as well as the symptoms of hypertension. Keep on reading the article to know more.

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension and has two different types:- Primary Hypertension and Secondary Hypertension.

Primary hypertension

This type of hypertension develops gradually and takes a longer period of time. It is usually unidentifiable in a person until it reaches a higher level. There are many factors which affect primary hypertension.


Family history and mutation which gets inherited from the parents can be a reason for hypertension. If your family hasbeen suffering from hypertension then your risk of developing high blood pressure increases.

Physical changes

There are a lot of changes which occur in our body continuously for example, the aging of the kidney which may result in an imbalance of solids and fluids. These changes ultimately lead to high blood pressure. Keeping a good diet and an active day to day routine may help to reduce these physical changes and other ill effects relating with it.


An unhealthy and inactive environment and lifestyle may lead to hypertension. Other factors which regulate it is increased tension and anxiety in life. That is why it is very important to maintain a good routine that consists of not just healthy eating habits but also an active and peaceful life. Avoid having salty, spicy and oily food as much as possible. Also avoid alcohol and other sugary beverages.

Secondary hypertension

Secondary hypertension is a severe kind of hypertension as it occurs quickly and has a detrimental effect on the other organs of the body. There and many conditions which may lead to secondary hypertension. If you have been taking medications for a long period of time then the side effects will lead to this disease. Heart or kidney disease may also lead to secondary hypertension. Alcohol abuse, adrenal gland problems, tumors, drugs and medications may also lead to secondary hypertension.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a kind of disease in which to figure out the symptoms is not that easy as it takes years to develop and even higher level to be able to detect the symptoms. Many people may experience the symptoms while others do not. Few of the symptoms that may be related to hypertension are

  • Continuous headaches
  • Visual changes and dizziness
  • Chest pain and breath shortness
  • Blood in urine
  • Blood through the nose
  • Chest pain, etc.

The symptoms require immediate medical support and hence none of the symptoms should be taken lightly. If your family has been suffering from hypertension then you must get your blood pressure levels checked on a daily basis. This is the best way to keep the records of your blood pressure levels.

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