Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

For people suffering from diabetes, it becomes quite a question on what food to avoid and what food to intake. Diabetes is a chronic disease and has the major amount of people around the globe suffering from it. Not just adults, but even children have developed diabetes from a young age. In this article we have listed some foods and drinks that people suffering from diabetes or prediabetes need to avoid.

Sweetened beverages

Sweetened beverages are one of the worst drink choices for diabetic people. It has a high amount of carbohydrates in it which can have a deadly impact on the body. The drinks are also loaded with fructose which is linked strongly to insulin resistance and diabetes. Not just that but sugar-sweetened beverages also increase the risk of fatty liver diseases. It also have detrimental impact on cholesterol levels in the body and triglyceride levels. Instead of sugary beverages one can take a good amount of water, club soda or unsweetened ice tea.

Trans fat

Trans fats are made up by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fatty acids and are found in bread, peanut butter, muffins, crackers and baked food items. These are done in order to increase their shelf life and to make the most stable. The trans fat increases the inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. It also lowers the level of good cholesterol and impair the atrial function.

High Carb Foods

High carbohydrate food such as white bread, rice and pasta which contain high carbohydrate or processed foods significantly increase the blood sugar level. They increase the inflammation, insulin resistance and lower the levels of good cholesterol in the body. One must avoid processed food as much as possible because they contain artificial trans fat which is very dangerous for the health.

Dried fruit

Dried fruits such as raisins, etc have concentrated levels of sugar in it due to the drying. Although they are very good in the content of vitamins and minerals but the concentrated sugar in them tend to lose the water resulting in increasing the content of sugar. If you are suffering from diabetes then it is very important for you to stick with low sugar fruits such as fresh berries or small Apple etc.

Packaged food

Packaged food contains excess carbohydrates, sugar and fat which increases the bad cholesterol level in the body. They also rapidly raise the sugar level in the blood. Some foods even contain more than one carbohydrate and hence they easily raise the blood sugar levels. Avoid packaged salty and surgery food items as much as possible.

Rice and other related items

Food stuff such as white bread, rice and pasta are very high in carbohydrates and hence are not good for diabetic patients. They tend to increase the blood sugar level rapidly. The fiber content in this food is also very low which makes the sugar absorption increased in the bloodstream. Try adding whole food and high fiber rich food items in order to reduce blood sugar level.


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