Importance of Backlinks 2020 : Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

If you are running a website so you also know that what is a backlink and the advantages of backlink but if you are a beginner so maybe you don’t have knowledge of backlink if you don’t know what is the backlink and what’s the advantages of backlink (Importance of Backlinks 2020) then read this article it will help you.

What is backlink – When you give your article’s link in any other’s site is called backlink and it is play major roll in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and it boost your site performance.

Importance of Backlinks are Given Below:-

A backlink is a part of off-page SEO if you want to rank fast your site in Google then you must have backlinks for your blog. Without creating backlinks you cannot rank easily.

If you create some quality backlinks for your site then it will boost your blog’s ranking and also generate good traffic for your blog.
There are two types of backlink one is Do-follow and the other is No-follow backlink don’t get confused about it here I written the difference between following and no follow backlinks.

No follow link always in no follow anchor tag which’s not passes the link juice on your site and it is not give you so much advantages and it doesn’t increase your site’s authority and ranking.

No-follow anchor tag is:-

<a href=”link” rel=”nofollow”> link name </a>

Do follow link always with the follow or normal anchor tag which helps you to increase your site authority and ranking and Google can crawl your articles link and passes the link juice to your site.

Do-follow anchor tag is:-

<a href=”link”> link name </a>

Advantage of Backlinks are Given Below:-

I already tell that the importance of backlink if you’ve quality backlinks there are some other advantages of backlinks which can you read.

  • Increase your website and articles ranking.
  • It boosts your blog traffic.
  • It helps to fast index your blog post.
  • More people recognise your blog.
  • Boost your blog’s DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)
  • Give you referral traffic.
  • It increases your blog or website branding.

Disadvantages of Backlinks are given Below:-

Normally backlinks are good for your site but it is said that the overdo of anything it will harmful so if you makes too much backlinks they are harmful for your site.

Do not create only do follow link always maintain ratio between do follow and no follow links if your all links are do follow then it may possible Google penalized your blog.

If your backlinks are from irrelevant sites then it also harmful for your blog because when visitors will come on your site then they will not spent time on your blog just because of irrelevancy and its increase your bounce rate which is not good for ranking. When you get backlink from low quality site it also effects on your site so create backlink only from high quality sites.

Do not take backlinks from penalized sites and don’t buy backlinks because it is against Google’s policy.


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