What are the different types of SEO? On Page SEO , Off Page SEO

In this article, we talk about Types of SEO (What are the different types of SEO?) . SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization if you want to rank your site in search engine then you’ll need to optimize your blog.

SEO has two different parts one is On page SEO and another is Off page SEO today I’ll tell you in details what is type of SEO and how you can you do it on your blog.

On-page SEO

When you write articles keeping in mind the ranking factors of Google and optimized your article is called On page SEO. You can do this in your own blog in your every blog post.

Keyword Research

Keyword researching is the part of on page SEO when you research keywords and put in to your title bar meta description then it will help you to boost your ranking.


Content play major role in the on page SEO if your content is useful or beneficial for user then visitors spent more time on your blog which is best for your ranking and it also maintain your blog bounce rate.

Big bloggers says that content is king when you write article than focus on your keyword density don’t add so much keywords in your article.


When you publish your article then it has its own URL (Uniform Resource Locater) which is called permalink put your keyword in permalink and try to make short permalink it will help you in on page SEO.


Inter link your other post in your articles it is also a part of on page seo do not add so much links in this add only 4-5 links in each article.

Meta Description

Add the description in your each article try to add the keywords of your article in description do not write so much long description.


When you write article then use proper headings and subheading your main keyword should in H1 and subheadings in another heading tags.

Off-Page SEO

After doing the on page SEO then starts Off page SEO when you publish your article after that you will do many things for rank your blog post is called off page SEO which is you do not do on your website. In off page many parts which is doing by a blogger.

Submit article in search console

Search console is a free product of Google where you can track your website when you publish your article then submit your link in search consol when you do this Google crawler index your article or website. Before this submit your sitemap in search consol.

Link Building

After publishing your article you will be start link building for your website to rank fast in Google if you want to rank first page then backlinks are must for you there are two types of links.

  •  Do Follow link
  •  No Follow link

No follow link

No follow links do not pass link juice from another website to your site so it is not so much beneficial for your website. No follow links always in this attribute.

<a href=”link” rel=”nofollow”>link name <a/>

Do Follow link

Do follow links pass link juice from another website to your website this is so important for your website Google bots can read this link and here you can see the do follow link attribute.

<a href=”link”> link name </a>

Social bookmarking

When you share your article links in social media is called social bookmarking kindly share your links which is related to your website use some high quality social media sites ex:- Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Facebook etc.

Write guest posts

Try to write guest post on another blogs when you write post for other blogs then people recognise you and they will also come on your blog expect this you will get backlinks for you website.


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