What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

Many of you don’t know what is affiliate marketing and how does it work. It is very popular way to earn money online many digital marketers, bloggers and youtubers earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing.

In this article we talk about on the topic of affiliates because at that time internet becomes very popular in the all over world and everyone wants to earn money online so affiliates one of the best way to earn money online.

What is Affiliate

I’ll will tell you in simple language when any blogger or digital marketer helps any company to sell their products and promote this on his website after this when someone buy this product from his affiliate link.
Then affiliates company give him some commission and the commission rate is depends on the price of product which he has sold.

How Does It Works

All of you know that big companies run many ads to increase their selling and branding there they will also pay high amount to advertisers.
Instead of doing this they launch their affiliate programmes and give some commission to affiliates there they can save his advertising money and give the small amount of affiliates.

Whoever join theirs affiliate programmes then they start to promote their product on his website here you can see that by doing this both of them in profit.

The affiliates can earn money online and the company can promote easily his products so it was the full concept of affiliate marketing.

How you can join this

If you are thinking to start this and want to earn money from this then find the affiliate programme which you want to promote this for this you must have a website to promote the affiliate products.
If you are confused how to start this then go to Amazon affiliate programme and sign up as an affiliate after that you can start the promoting Amazon products when anyone buy any product from your affiliate link then you will also get commission from this.
I am preferring you Amazon because it is an online shopping site there are many kind of products which you can easily promote and sell and it is 100% reliable you can also join some other affiliate programme.

  • Flipkart
  •  eBay
  •  Many domain and hosting providers
  •  Make my trip, Yatra etc.

There are many companies which gives you highest commission when you sell their products for more info you can search on the internet.


I hope you all understand about the affiliates now all bloggers first prefer to affiliate for their earning and second to AdSense . I’ll also guide you to start affiliate because it is a genuine source of earning. So spent some time on learning and earn a lot of money.



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