What is blog? How it works

Many people don’t know what is blogging but they have must heard about it but in actual they don’t have knowledge of blogging.

If you want to know this What is blogging? Why we do this? And how can earn money from blogging? Then read this full article. I hope after that you will understand.

What is blogging?

When you share your knowledge or experiences by writing articles on internet is called blogging ex:-You are reading this article it is also a blog .

If you want to be a blogger then you will you need blogging platform where you can write the articles. There are two popular platforms you can use this for start your blog

  • Blogger
  • WordPress


Blogger is a Google product you can use this free here you need only a gmail id and then you can create a blog now start writing articles and publish this in your blog.

But if you want be a professional blogger then you will need a custom domain if you are a beginner and you don’t have more budget go with Google blogspot subdomain.


Most of the professional bloggers use wordpress because it is easy to use and you can install many plugins which is helped you to rank your website but there if you want to start a wordpress blog then you need to invest some money on this because here you want

  • Hosting

Hosting is a type of storage which makes your website accessible on any search engine always buy good quality hosting.

  •  Domain

In simple language it is your website name for example –, etc. Always choose top level domain name for your blog.

Advantages of blogging

  •  You can share your experiences with your online audience
  • People starts follow you
  • You can change your business in brand name
  • It will help you to grow your business

How you can earn money from blogging

There are many ways to earn money from blogging but I’m sharing with you some popular or trusted way which is I written in below.

  • First you can do affiliate marketing from your blog affiliate is best source of earning.
  • You can sign up for AdSense its shows ads on your blog many bloggers use this it is also a Google product so you can trust on it.
  • When your blog is become popular then you can do paid advertising on your blog.

These are the best way to earn money from blog there many bloggers earn a lot of money from blogging and they choose this as a career.
How you can success in blogging

  • I’ll guide you first start writing genuine content do not miss guide people.
  • Spent time on learning.
  • Choose good platform for blogging.
  • Do regular work on this.

My final words – In this article we talked about blogging if you are passionate for blogging then start this but if you want only earn money from this then I’ll say you don’t start this don’t waste your time because it will take time to earn money from this there’s you need patient to earn money from this.


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