Why Is the Samsung Galaxy A Series Being Launched?

Samsung Galaxy A21S

Why Is the Samsung Galaxy A Series Being Launched?

Samsung Galaxy A21S is a mid-budget Android smartphone developed, designed, manufactured, and released by Samsung Electronics as a part of the Galaxy A family. It has a similar design with the Galaxy S line-up and it features the same hardware features but is sold at a lower price compared to the Galaxy S series, which is designed to be more popular among consumers. There are many reasons why this mobile phone is being released by Samsung.


The most prominent reason why this mobile phone is being released is because it is targeted to compete with the high-end devices of LG and HTC. Other manufacturers are also trying to catch up with the market leaders in terms of sales volume. Thus, Samsung has decided to go after the low-end segment of the market by launching this mobile phone. There is also a chance that the market leader could release a device that would be considered as a competitor for the Galaxy A.

There are many features that distinguish the Galaxy A from the Galaxy S line. One of the main differences is the physical size and weight of the phones. The Galaxy A has a bigger display and a larger screen than what is available with the Galaxy S. In addition, the Galaxy A is a lot lighter than the Galaxy S. This can make it easier for a person to carry this phone around.


Another notable feature of the Galaxy A is its keyboard. Unlike the standard mobile phones of LG and HTC, the A-series phones include a QWERTY keyboard. The keys on this keyboard are made of glass and are protected by a soft touch coating. The keys are also designed to be used rapidly by the user and they are not hard buttons. This means that they can be programmed to perform a certain function such as changing the ringtone, launching an application or sending a message.


Aside from the QWERTY keyboard, the A series includes a built-in web browser. Although the web browser does not have all the features of a typical web browser, it is a nice feature to have as users can browse the internet from a mobile phone without having to use a laptop or desktop computer. There are also widgets present on the browser, which makes it very easy to search for information about products that are offered online. or to check the latest news and weather reports. The built-in image viewer also allows the users to view images and display them on the screen without having to download them from the internet websites.


One more feature of the Galaxy A series is its voice recognition. The phone can recognize a certain language and can even send emails in a foreign language. However, it does not recognize every single language but is capable of recognizing basic commands such as greetings, sending text messages and making calls. It also provides you with the ability to play games through an application called S Translator.


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